Getting Fired Is Traumatic – Here’s How To Get Through It And Move On

Nobody likes getting fired from their job. But sometimes, sadly, it is a part of life. There may be multiple reasons why you were fired – it can be due to poor performance, or perhaps metrics and targets were not met. Sometimes, it may not even be about you at all, rather that the company had to cut back on employees. No matter what the reasons are, it can be difficult experience. Here are some things you can do to get through being fired and how to move on.

Let Yourself Grieve
It is never healthy to hold back emotions. So if you are sad, allow yourself to be sad. If you feel anger, shame and disappointment – allow yourself to feel them. Being fired is a lot to take in, so allow yourself to process all the complicated emotions you are going through. But let yourself do this only for a period of time, maybe a couple of days. Don’t lash out on other people, channel it in other ways. But once a few days have passed, it’s time to pick up and move forward.

Understand What Went Wrong
It is important to take a look back and identify the reasons why you were fired. If it was because of your performance, accept it and make note of it. Keep it for future references. This will help you be more careful or more aware when you move on to your next job.

Work Out or Pursue a Hobby
If you have a lot of time off because you don’t have work yet, find the time to work out or pursue a hobby. Working out or exercising can actually help you through getting fired by releasing a lot of tension in your body. Exercise gives you a great boost both physically and mentally, and will help you take charge of yourself. It can also help boost your confidence.

You can also pursue a hobby or do something you love, just for yourself. This can help you refresh your mind and spirit, and get those creative juices flowing again. It will also take off time from you sulking and feeling sorry for yourself.

No matter what the reasons for you being fired was, you can move passed it. Just give yourself the time to grieve, look back at what went wrong, find out ways you can improve it, and give some time to focus on yourself – your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being during your time off.