The Best Cities in Thailand For Vacationing and Living

As one of the most popular places for good living, Thailand has more to offer to those who are vacationing and even to those who wish to live there. Foremost, they are having an all-year tropical climate, while the modern conveniences and comfort is also there. On top of it all are high quality but affordable medical care. The bonus is the fact that this exotic place has something special to offer as you see early in the day monks collecting alms.

Living there
Dining is exquisite with delicious Thai food but if you crave for western cuisine are many choices too. Cinemas are there if you wish to get the English language originals. Jobs are aplenty for expats, sites like can instantly put you in contact with all the relevant recruiters you could need. But what is most impressive is the fact that you can just swing your schedule and take off to the nearest beach.

Best cities to vacation and live in Thailand
Here are the lists of best cities in Thailand that shows the diversity of the country that brings more appeal to tourist and travellers alike:

  1. Chiang Mai is a place with beautiful mountain views and a slower life pace. It is located in the northern foothills of Thailand which takes an hour of flight from the city of Bangkok. This city is ideal for those who want a calm way of life and a more moderate climate.
  2. Koh Samui is in a tropical island and a haven to those who want an easy lifestyle. The place is line with palm in its beaches with the best view of the azure ocean. Add to that an all year tropical weather and affordable cost of living.
  3. Bangkok is ideal for those who seek modern yet affordable life in the capital city. With its gleaming skyscrapers, world class transit and luxury accommodation. The city is bustling in a multicultural ambiance, highly convenient and easy on the pocket existence.
  4. Hua Hin is the place for those who want a relaxing retreat in the seaside. Situated in the south of Bangkok, this once fishing village became the countries summer capital where the royals and the elite made their vacation homes. Ideal for easy living, flourishing restaurants and a setting of the good life.
  5. Phuket is a place near the beach with all its amenities. It brings comfort and convenience in lifestyle with the second international airport to different destinations without passing through Bangkok. Named as the “Pearl of the Andaman” the city is surrounded by warm and clear waters and offers easy and even tempered lifestyle.

Final Thought
Visit Thailand and be captivated by its history, a fervent Buddhist culture and beautiful sceneries, as well as the best cities in Thailand. Thai people are welcoming and the locals live prioritizing happiness over everything else and this emanates in the way they live life.