What You Should Never Put On A Job Application

Applying for a job can be a daunting task. A lot can go wrong! You can put all the wrong things in your resume and in your application that it actually costs you the opportunity to get the job you’re trying to apply for. This is why it’s important that during your job application, you are well prepared and go through the process carefully and thoroughly in order to increase your chances of getting the job. Here are some things you should never put in your application.

Incorrect Information
First and foremost, make sure your application matches your resume and cover letter. If there are inconsistencies, it will be considered a red flag by the recruiter. Not to mention the fact that it will reduce your credibility to the employer. So make sure that all the information on your application is the same as what is written on your resume!

Mistakes, Misspellings, Grammatical Errors
While this may not be a big deal among some recruiters, it paints a picture of the way you work. Imagine if your application listed one of your strengths as “good attention to detail” yet you misspell something on your application. It will give employers a negative impression and they might draw conclusions about your writing skills and attention to detail, if something as important as your job application has mistakes.

Blank Sections
As much as possible, complete your application and all the required details. Even if it seems repetitive or all the information can already be found on your resume, leaving an incomplete job application form paints a picture of laziness. Some employers won’t even bother to look at your resume because they use the application form instead, so be sure it’s complete!

Negative Content
No matter how bad your previous experience was, no matter how tough your previous boss was, or how irritating your previous colleagues were, those are things to definitely leave out of your resume. It will bring into question your attitude towards not only your work but other people as well. Focus on the positive reasons why you are applying for a new job – such as better opportunities, or to expand your skills and experiences.

Above everything, be sure that your writing is neat and legible. It doesn’t matter how amazing your credentials are. If the recruiter can’t read what you’ve written, then everything goes to waste. So be sure to take your time and write out your application as neatly as possible.