When You Might Need A Work Visa

Nowadays, earning money is so hard so many people tend to take extra jobs or any part-time jobs available out there just to earn extra cash and to add a little to their savings. For some third world countries like the Philippines, many people look for jobs that give high earnings so that it could help them to get away from poverty. Thus, many of them try to work abroad. Most of the jobs abroad provide a higher salary compared to the jobs they could take locally. Hence, they take risks even if they become separated from their families for a certain period.

All about Working Visa
Whenever you get a chance to work abroad, there could be numerous requirements that you must fulfill first before you can land a permanent job. Not mentioning the fact that it could vary depending on the country are you in. One of the things that you are required to have is a working visa. This allows you to work abroad for a long amount of time. Again, the type of visa you may need depends on the laws that the country you are in implements.

In this article, different types of working visa categories in the US will be discussed.

Below listed are the different categories for the said requirement:

  • Temporary Work Visa

This is also called the H-2B visa. This visa is given for workers on domestic sectors. However, a certificate must be given to the employer before an individual could start work inside the US.

  • Temporary Skilled Workers Visa

It is also known as the H-1B visa. This is given for specialized works such as in the field of engineering, research, communications etc.

  • Agricultural Worker Visa

It is also called the H-2A visa or the US seasonal agricultural worker visa. As the name implies, it is given to those workers who specialize in the field of agriculture.

  • Green Card Visa

Having a green card means you have equal rights and benefits like other US citizens. Also, it allows you to stay permanent in the US soil and you could apply for US citizenship.

If you are taking your chances to live and work abroad, you must have the requirements needed especially a visa (depending on which category you are). This allows you to stay within foreign soil without breaking any laws. Also, you could avoid deportation if you have a visa.

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