Expat Wants To Live In Bali

Bali’s economy saw a significant increase in the year 2017 due to the following sectors of tourism, agriculture and trade industry. The currency that is used in Bali is the Indonesian rupee which is locally referred to as the rupiah and 1 US dollar amounts to 14,142 Indonesian rupees or IDR.

The Balinese people first language is Indonesian and due to tourism, a high percentage have a good understanding of English. Bali experiences tropical and humid weather mostly throughout the year, as is common with a tropical island. There are two distinctive seasons– the dry summer season from April to October and the rainy season from November to March. Bali stays hot all year round so you would not need so many clothes for the cold if you are looking to settling down in Bali.

The most popular mode of transportation is taxis and you can also rent motorcycles or cars and ensure that you have an international license and the right paperwork for the vehicle.                With Bali being a tourist destination there are plenty of activities and sightseeing.

  • Pura Tanah Lot – The Balinese word Pura is what they refer to as a temple and indicates that it is a spiritual place like a temple. Pura Tanah Lot is visited by thousands of tourists every day but only the locals can enter the gates of the temple.
  • Mount Batur –Is one of the most visited locations within Bali with its picturesque views from the top. If you haven’t hiked up to the top of the mountain through the lush trails and seen the sunrise, your Bali trip would remain incomplete. You can also visit the temple nestled in the foot of the mountain, Pura Ulun Danu Batur, just next to Lake Batur or relax your body in the hot springs of Toya Bungkah.
  • The Monkey Forest – is in the town of Ubud which is also called the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary and is a treat for everyone to see. All along the expanse of the forest, you would see relics and ancient statues depicting the harmony between humans and animals. Secluded in one corner of the forest there are three temples which are home to hundreds of monkeys. You will also notice some rare plants that are only present within this region.
  • The Sidemen Valley – If you prefer to relax in the midst of the Balinese mountains, rather than indulge in extroverted activities, the Sidemen Valley should be your first stop. This area of Bali has preserved the olden Bali ways with the small villages hidden by the mountains where time seems to have stopped. Stay in a bed and breakfast or homestay to get the authentic Balinese experience or cycle through the trails covered by rice fields or hike through the mountains.

Bali is full of Job opportunities for expats looking to relocate and the tourism industry is the single largest contributing industry to Bali’s annual revenues and there are jobs available within the hospitality and tourism sectors. There are always jobs available within the teaching profession as long as you have fluent English.

It is important to know that when you wish to work in Bali you will need a work permit. This means you have to be sponsored by the company you are going to work for. The company will have to apply for a KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Sementara) which is a temporary Stay Permit Card.

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The Best Cities in Thailand For Vacationing and Living

As one of the most popular places for good living, Thailand has more to offer to those who are vacationing and even to those who wish to live there. Foremost, they are having an all-year tropical climate, while the modern conveniences and comfort is also there. On top of it all are high quality but affordable medical care. The bonus is the fact that this exotic place has something special to offer as you see early in the day monks collecting alms.

Living there
Dining is exquisite with delicious Thai food but if you crave for western cuisine are many choices too. Cinemas are there if you wish to get the English language originals. Jobs are aplenty for expats, sites like jobcute.com can instantly put you in contact with all the relevant recruiters you could need. But what is most impressive is the fact that you can just swing your schedule and take off to the nearest beach.

Best cities to vacation and live in Thailand
Here are the lists of best cities in Thailand that shows the diversity of the country that brings more appeal to tourist and travellers alike:

  1. Chiang Mai is a place with beautiful mountain views and a slower life pace. It is located in the northern foothills of Thailand which takes an hour of flight from the city of Bangkok. This city is ideal for those who want a calm way of life and a more moderate climate.
  2. Koh Samui is in a tropical island and a haven to those who want an easy lifestyle. The place is line with palm in its beaches with the best view of the azure ocean. Add to that an all year tropical weather and affordable cost of living.
  3. Bangkok is ideal for those who seek modern yet affordable life in the capital city. With its gleaming skyscrapers, world class transit and luxury accommodation. The city is bustling in a multicultural ambiance, highly convenient and easy on the pocket existence.
  4. Hua Hin is the place for those who want a relaxing retreat in the seaside. Situated in the south of Bangkok, this once fishing village became the countries summer capital where the royals and the elite made their vacation homes. Ideal for easy living, flourishing restaurants and a setting of the good life.
  5. Phuket is a place near the beach with all its amenities. It brings comfort and convenience in lifestyle with the second international airport to different destinations without passing through Bangkok. Named as the “Pearl of the Andaman” the city is surrounded by warm and clear waters and offers easy and even tempered lifestyle.

Final Thought
Visit Thailand and be captivated by its history, a fervent Buddhist culture and beautiful sceneries, as well as the best cities in Thailand. Thai people are welcoming and the locals live prioritizing happiness over everything else and this emanates in the way they live life.

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Getting Fired Is Traumatic – Here’s How To Get Through It And Move On

Nobody likes getting fired from their job. But sometimes, sadly, it is a part of life. There may be multiple reasons why you were fired – it can be due to poor performance, or perhaps metrics and targets were not met. Sometimes, it may not even be about you at all, rather that the company had to cut back on employees. No matter what the reasons are, it can be difficult experience. Here are some things you can do to get through being fired and how to move on.

Let Yourself Grieve
It is never healthy to hold back emotions. So if you are sad, allow yourself to be sad. If you feel anger, shame and disappointment – allow yourself to feel them. Being fired is a lot to take in, so allow yourself to process all the complicated emotions you are going through. But let yourself do this only for a period of time, maybe a couple of days. Don’t lash out on other people, channel it in other ways. But once a few days have passed, it’s time to pick up and move forward.

Understand What Went Wrong
It is important to take a look back and identify the reasons why you were fired. If it was because of your performance, accept it and make note of it. Keep it for future references. This will help you be more careful or more aware when you move on to your next job.

Work Out or Pursue a Hobby
If you have a lot of time off because you don’t have work yet, find the time to work out or pursue a hobby. Working out or exercising can actually help you through getting fired by releasing a lot of tension in your body. Exercise gives you a great boost both physically and mentally, and will help you take charge of yourself. It can also help boost your confidence.

You can also pursue a hobby or do something you love, just for yourself. This can help you refresh your mind and spirit, and get those creative juices flowing again. It will also take off time from you sulking and feeling sorry for yourself.

No matter what the reasons for you being fired was, you can move passed it. Just give yourself the time to grieve, look back at what went wrong, find out ways you can improve it, and give some time to focus on yourself – your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being during your time off.

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Is It Easy For A Foreigner To Get A Job In Bangkok?

Yes, if you have a valid visa, a work permit and an occupation that does not violate the Alien Employment Act, foreigners can work and find a job in Bangkok. If you are a foreigner and intend to work in Thailand, you are subject to the Foreign Employment Act, which requires that you have a work permit issued by the Ministry of Employment, the Ministry of Labor, or if it does not fall within the scope of that Act. In Thai law, the term “work” is very broadly defined, which covers both physical and mental activities, whether for wages or other forms of compensation. Even voluntary or charitable work in Thailand requires a work permit.

Under Thai law, foreigners can work in the country but factors such as national security and the need for foreign workers for the country’s development are taken into account. Priority must still be given to Thai nationals. If you want to know detailed information about the foreign employment act, you may want to do some research on this topic that can be searched easily on the internet.

You must obtain a proper visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate before you arrive in Thailand, according to Thai Immigration. Note that when arriving at designated entry points in Thailand, foreigners from the countries listed below are allowed to obtain an entry visa. Bhutan, China (including Taiwan), Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Maldives, Mauritius, Oman, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Things to Consider Before Flying to Thailand

If a job in Bangkok pays over 80,000 baht a month, the employer may need to extend its search outside Thailand. It is possible to find a job for less money from your home country, but it is less common. A friend of the HR manager in a real estate media company has this to say about being hired from abroad: It doesn’t matter whether you’re in or out of Thailand. A sign that a company would consider you from outside Thailand is if they post jobs for all nationalities on LinkedIn, Jobs DB or other employment boards.

Before you travel, you must check with the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate, as the list of countries changes periodically, as the Immigration Bureau adds and removes countries according to the circumstances. Aliens from all other countries that do not have Thailand agreements must obtain visas before they arrive in Thailand. All foreigners must have a valid visa that can be obtained from the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate before entering Thailand if it extends beyond 30 days.

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What You Should Never Put On A Job Application

Applying for a job can be a daunting task. A lot can go wrong! You can put all the wrong things in your resume and in your application that it actually costs you the opportunity to get the job you’re trying to apply for. This is why it’s important that during your job application, you are well prepared and go through the process carefully and thoroughly in order to increase your chances of getting the job. Here are some things you should never put in your application.

Incorrect Information
First and foremost, make sure your application matches your resume and cover letter. If there are inconsistencies, it will be considered a red flag by the recruiter. Not to mention the fact that it will reduce your credibility to the employer. So make sure that all the information on your application is the same as what is written on your resume!

Mistakes, Misspellings, Grammatical Errors
While this may not be a big deal among some recruiters, it paints a picture of the way you work. Imagine if your application listed one of your strengths as “good attention to detail” yet you misspell something on your application. It will give employers a negative impression and they might draw conclusions about your writing skills and attention to detail, if something as important as your job application has mistakes.

Blank Sections
As much as possible, complete your application and all the required details. Even if it seems repetitive or all the information can already be found on your resume, leaving an incomplete job application form paints a picture of laziness. Some employers won’t even bother to look at your resume because they use the application form instead, so be sure it’s complete!

Negative Content
No matter how bad your previous experience was, no matter how tough your previous boss was, or how irritating your previous colleagues were, those are things to definitely leave out of your resume. It will bring into question your attitude towards not only your work but other people as well. Focus on the positive reasons why you are applying for a new job – such as better opportunities, or to expand your skills and experiences.

Above everything, be sure that your writing is neat and legible. It doesn’t matter how amazing your credentials are. If the recruiter can’t read what you’ve written, then everything goes to waste. So be sure to take your time and write out your application as neatly as possible.

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When You Might Need A Work Visa

Nowadays, earning money is so hard so many people tend to take extra jobs or any part-time jobs available out there just to earn extra cash and to add a little to their savings. For some third world countries like the Philippines, many people look for jobs that give high earnings so that it could help them to get away from poverty. Thus, many of them try to work abroad. Most of the jobs abroad provide a higher salary compared to the jobs they could take locally. Hence, they take risks even if they become separated from their families for a certain period.

All about Working Visa
Whenever you get a chance to work abroad, there could be numerous requirements that you must fulfill first before you can land a permanent job. Not mentioning the fact that it could vary depending on the country are you in. One of the things that you are required to have is a working visa. This allows you to work abroad for a long amount of time. Again, the type of visa you may need depends on the laws that the country you are in implements.

In this article, different types of working visa categories in the US will be discussed.

Below listed are the different categories for the said requirement:

  • Temporary Work Visa

This is also called the H-2B visa. This visa is given for workers on domestic sectors. However, a certificate must be given to the employer before an individual could start work inside the US.

  • Temporary Skilled Workers Visa

It is also known as the H-1B visa. This is given for specialized works such as in the field of engineering, research, communications etc.

  • Agricultural Worker Visa

It is also called the H-2A visa or the US seasonal agricultural worker visa. As the name implies, it is given to those workers who specialize in the field of agriculture.

  • Green Card Visa

Having a green card means you have equal rights and benefits like other US citizens. Also, it allows you to stay permanent in the US soil and you could apply for US citizenship.

If you are taking your chances to live and work abroad, you must have the requirements needed especially a visa (depending on which category you are). This allows you to stay within foreign soil without breaking any laws. Also, you could avoid deportation if you have a visa.

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Can A Foreigner Work As An Au Pair In Thailand?

An au pair is a pair of foreign people who are working in a foreign country. They are similar to domestic helpers who are living with the host family. They normally would care for the host family and serve them for good earnings. The host family is not just local people. Some pairs or families came from other countries and are settling in Thailand for a period of time. The local people are welcoming and hospitable for foreigners. And those, being a possible host can be beneficial for both sides. They give the house and family to work with. And it gives them the opportunity to learn some foreign culture.

As advertised by the internet, the family who seeks this pair are in need of associates to help them in the family. There reasons why such pairs are welcome to the country and that the locals are open to accepting them. The top reason is the opportunity to learn a new language. English as a universal language is very much welcome in Thailand. This gives them the skills to learn and speak English. Another thing is for them to travel to other countries. Thais want to see the USA, well, most foreigner wants that. And to have such pairs in their homes gives them the chance, even a slim chance, to maybe visit the USA. It serves also a way to connect to other people.

The fact they Thais are welcoming to foreign visitors, most foreigners are welcome to be their au pair. To pass all the process and all required documents is a responsibility to deal with for applicants. It is very important to undergo normal processes to avoid mishaps. Avoid doing things that are illegal. Otherwise, you can be punished by their law. If you are asked to process the legal documents, do so.

A foreigner must then identify himself to the local people with good records. It is also the right of the family as well as the government to identify any visitors for safety purposes. It is the foreigner who should adjust to the culture of a country. The thing you will do should also win the hearts of the local people who will be your host. And socializing with the native people will help you win the hearts of the government.

You can check the internet to locate the best family who’s willing to accept au applications. Make sure you have control with your details to avoid any untoward incidents.

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Is It Difficult For Foreigners To Find Jobs In Thailand?

This question can be pretty much confusing though. Not all foreigners are alike and that one person may prefer a lot of things which the other person would normally do not want to. So, to answer this question as to whether or not jobs in Thailand for foreigners are easy for them, that would be a case to case basis. And there are several factors that one has to consider in order to gauge as to how foreigners can at least stomach to work in a country that is quite out of the usual norm which such person usually experiences in his own country.

As mentioned, there are a number of considerations to take notice to in order to assess if finding jobs are indeed difficult for foreigners in Thailand.

Factors that need to be considered:

  • How open are you to changes?

Your ability to cope in a new job in a foreign country such as Thailand would be highly dependent as to whether or not you are that open to having changes in your life. If you are used to waking up with the sound of the alarm and there’s a bottle of milk rationed and waiting for you outside your doorstep while a newspaper is also being delivered to you early in the morning – and you cannot do away with all that, then you have to think twice whether you really are up for the working in Thailand challenge.

  • Learn the language.

In Thailand, you speak their local language. If you speak English, chances are you can only be understood by a very few people there. English language is not something that they usually speak and they would not definitely adjust to you. Certainly, if they cannot understand you, working there would be very hard. And not one single employer might consider hiring you in their company.

  • How humble are you for corrections?

Thailand is one of the developing countries in the world. And if you are one from the Western countries which has a fast growing and highly developed economy, it is highly probable that the former country will be looked down upon. So, foreigners might not be that accepting of the possible corrections or adjustments that they have to make in a foreign country. Jobs in Thailand for foreigners may only be considered pretty tough if you refuse to do the work tasked and assigned to you just because you think you know better than what you are supposed to do.

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